Challenges Your Piling Contractor Might Face and How to Overcome Them

When you want your construction site to remain stable and safe, you need a piling contractor. Piling contractors introduce the support your buildings need to remain stable. While they're experts at their job, they can face challenges that make their tasks harder. Being aware of what those challenges are can help you prep your site and work with your contractors to create a good foundation to work from.

Accessibility Constraints

Any site constraints that limit accessibility will pose risks and challenges to your piling contractors. Such constraints may include heavily urbanised areas, challenging terrain and narrow locations that don't allow for easy heavy vehicle access. One way to overcome site challenges is to work alongside your contractor to perform a thorough assessment before the work begins. Acknowledge each challenge and begin exploring avenues for overcoming them. As an example, if a heavily urbanised area is a problem, can you request traffic diversions from local government agencies?

Environmental Challenges

Many areas come with the logistical challenge that is environmental constraints. Pollution, noise and vibrations may pose risks to the ecosystem in the area you want to work in. Additionally, many local governments enforce regulations that stop residents from being exposed to noise and vibrations. Sometimes, the constraints you're dealing with will only fall between certain hours. For example, you may not be able to make noise early in the morning and late at night. Always investigate constraints alongside your piling contractors. Doing so means you all have a clear idea of when you can and cannot work, allowing you to create realistic project timelines. You may also want to decide on what to do with the hours where constraints are in place, such as holding meetings and project reviews.

Unpredictable Ground Conditions

Ground conditions often vary. As a result, an approach a contractor may want to take initially might not prove practical as time goes on. Inconsistencies with soil, water on the ground and adverse weather events can all change the way they approach your project. In many cases, it's possible to offset changes by performing thorough site assessments, including geological tests and soil sampling. However, if you or your contractor suspect another change is afoot while you're mid-project, it's wise to perform another assessment. Making ad-hoc reviews, if you deem them necessary, can prevent your project from coming to a grinding halt. 

Overall, thorough pre-project assessments and regular regrouping with your contractors can prevent many issues.  

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