Factors to Consider When Buying a Laser Cutter

When choosing a commercial laser cutting machine, you will come across various models. Several factors will influence your decision when making a purchase. Here are factors to consider before investing in a commercial laser cutting machine.

Machine Size and Power

Two main issues that are of concern when choosing a commercial laser cutting machine are the power and size of the bed. The bed size is crucial because it is the determinant of the size of material that can fit in the machine for cutting or engraving. A bigger bed size will make your work more efficient by allowing you to cut larger pieces or multiple small sizes simultaneously.

The power of the laser is the measure of its strength. It is measured in watts, and the more the watts, the stronger the commercial laser cutting machine is, which is crucial for precise cutting. However, remember that the ability of your cutter to engrave a thick material depends on the focal point of the lens. Going for a powerful machine will not necessarily enable you to cut thicker materials. Power is a factor of reliability and efficiency.


It is not uncommon to find a low-quality commercial laser cutting machine being sold at a high price. On the other hand, you may come across high-quality laser cutters being sold cheaply. Most people have the belief that good products are highly priced, but this is not always the case.

The vendor largely influences the price at which you buy a laser cutter. Buying it locally may be cheaper than importing. However, where you import it from also has an impact on the price.

Consider Where to Get Spare Parts

While it is advisable to go for a machine that is popular in the laser machine field, it is also paramount to think about spare parts. Laser machines are fragile; they do break and require repairs. Ensure that the company you buy from can provide you with spare parts for the same model you buy, or you can quickly source for them locally.

Check to see that the support team of the vendor is reliable and can offer you support when you need it. Your machine should also undergo maintenance when you need it, or your production will be affected in the long run.

These are some of the important considerations to make when buying a commercial laser cutting machine. The price and your budget are crucial, but ensure you get value for your money by getting the right power and size for the money you spend.