How can spot welding help your business?

When you need a fast, easy way of joining together two metal sheets spot welding is a fast and simple solution. Spot welding works by pressing together the two pieces of metal and placing an electrode on each side of where the joint will be. Passing an electrical current between the electrodes will result in a joint being formed in the metal.

Why choose spot welding?

There are lots of reasons why spot welding is often the preferred method of joining pieces of metal. Spot welding can be used with a wide range of metals of various thicknesses. Unlike other types of welding there is no mess involved in the spot welding process, and learning to successfully spot weld does not require a great deal of time or skill to accomplish. The number of environments that can be used for spot welding is also far greater than it is for other types of welding. There is no open flame or flux involved so it can be undertaken just as easily by an operator sitting at a general purpose bench as it can be by someone in a specially constructed welding area.

Perhaps the greatest advantage that spot welding possesses over other types of welding is speed. An experienced spot welder can complete a joint in a few seconds. In larger settings where spot welding is completed by machine 200+ spot welds can be completed in around six seconds.

When can you use spot welding?

Spot welding is suitable for most circumstances in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Al that is required is metal that is clean enough for an electrical current to pass through it and create the joint. Sometimes there are physical limitations that can prevent spot welding, or make it difficult to accomplish. Spot welding requires electrodes on both sides of the metal so if the piece you need to weld is particularly bulky it isn't always simple to successfully hold an electrode to each side, and it may require longer wires than usual to connect the electrodes, or even two operators to weld the joint.

Despite these limitations spot welding is one of the most widely used welding techniques in industry. If you would like to know how spot welding could be applied to your business why not call your spot welding equipment supplier? They can talk you through the options available to you, and discuss the most appropriate welding solution for your company.