Steel Yourself: The Advantages Of Choosing Sheet Steel To Replace Your Ute Bed

Utes are made to take a licking and keep on ticking, but no part of a well-used ute takes as much punishment as the bed of its loading bay, and it's a fair bet that any ute that has been on the road for more than a few years will need its bed replacing at some point. To replace a ute bed damaged beyond repair, you could go to the original manufacturer for a replacement -- however, having a new bed custom made by a metal fabrication service is often the quicker, easier and less expensive option.

If you do choose to have your ute bed replaced with one made to order by a fabrication company, you will have to decide what metal you want the replacement bed to be made from. Many ute owners tout the advantages of aluminium ute beds, but there is still a great deal to be said for the traditional choice of tough, strong sheet steel. Here are some of the chief benefits of choosing sheet steel to replace your worn-out ute bed:


Even thin sheet steel is enormously durable, and the thicknesses of steel generally used to replace ute beds are capable of withstanding almost anything you can throw at them (literally or otherwise). Steel ute beds will not crack under heavy impacts like fibreglass or aluminium beds, and are very difficult to dent, with any dents that do occur being easy to straighten out with panel beating tools. This made steel beds particularly useful for utes that regularly carry heavy and uneven loads, such as logs or demolition rubble.


What really sets steel apart from other ute bed material choices, however, is its immense load-bearing strength, and steel ute beds are the gold standard when it comes to carrying heavy loads safely and securely. A properly installed sheet steel ute bed will not bow or bend under all but the very heaviest of loads and can withstand heavy equipment being dropped into the bed with cranes and winches without suffering damage. 


Steel is a very affordable choice for your ute bed, especially when compared with the prices normally charged for aluminium or fibreglass beds. This allows you to have your steel bed coated with rustproof paints or powder coatings without going over budget, creating a rust-resistant bed that is significantly stronger and more durable than any aluminium bed.

Easy repairs

If an aluminium or fibreglass ute bed gets damaged, your only option is to have it repaired by specialised aluminium or fibreglass repair services, since repairing these materials requires very specific knowledge and equipment. By contrast, a steel ute bed that becomes damaged out in the field can be effectively repaired using basic tools and welding equipment. This makes steel beds ideal for utes that work primarily in isolated areas, such as farms or power stations.

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