Guidelines on When to Use Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication

When fabricating metal, you have to not only think about the usability of the resulting metals, but also the many aesthetic benefits which you are likely to get from the process. For instance, a process such as powder coating makes it possible to have a fabricated metal part available in a number of colours depending on your needs. However, there is more to the process of powder coating than just getting great colours.

3 Key Points to Know about Soil Thermal Resistivity Testing

If you are a subdivision contractor and developer, you may know about soil thermal resistivity testing. You may know that this process needs to happen in order for cabling to be placed underground throughout the subdivision. What you may not know is what the process entails and what each step may mean for your subdivision plans. Here are three main points you should know about the soil thermal resistivity testing.

How can spot welding help your business?

When you need a fast, easy way of joining together two metal sheets spot welding is a fast and simple solution. Spot welding works by pressing together the two pieces of metal and placing an electrode on each side of where the joint will be. Passing an electrical current between the electrodes will result in a joint being formed in the metal. Why choose spot welding? There are lots of reasons why spot welding is often the preferred method of joining pieces of metal.

Mechatronics in Manufacturing Engineering

An engineering discipline, mechatronics is the branch of the profession which handles the convergence between mechanical and electrical manufacturing systems. As such, it is often thought of by the industry as going hand-in-hand with related fields, such as robotics. A multi-disciplinary field of engineering, mechatronics requires an engineer to be well-versed in control processes, telecommunications systems, electronics, computer engineering and mechanical principles. As such, it tends to attract academically gifted engineers and those who have a grasp of processes across several industry sectors.

What is the most efficient way to smooth your concrete?

How much concrete do you use in your building projects? Concrete is a cheap, practical, and highly popular building material but it does have one significant problem. When concrete is poured it usually contains a lot of trapped air, this air reduces the density of the concrete which makes it more permeable and less strong. Concrete which is left in this weakened state will not prove durable and will soon require replacement.