Top Hassles You Don't Have to Worry About With Pre-Cut Steel Posts

When purchasing posts for your project, you should consider steel posts. Not only is it worth considering posts that are made from steel, but specifically, you should consider those that have been cut to the size that you need. You can avoid a lot of potential hassles if you purchase pre-cut steel posts for your next project.

Wood Rot

The first reason to consider steel posts is to avoid worrying about wood rot. Many people know that this is one of the main downsides of using wood for building, but it's something you can avoid completely by buying steel posts that simply don't rot.


Another issue you have to worry about with wood posts is the fact that they can attract pests, such as termites. These pests can cause serious structural issues to the posts, too. Luckily, termites and carpenter ants don't eat steel posts.

Using a Lot of Posts

Steel posts can handle a lot more weight than comparatively sized wood posts. Because of this, you don't have to use as many of them. This can save you money on your project, and it cuts down on the work that you have to do as well.


If you buy steel posts that have not been cut, then you have to worry about taking the time to measure them. You also have to worry about possibly making a mistake when you're doing so. With pre-cut steel posts, though, there is no measuring required on your part.


Cutting your own steel posts requires the right equipment. It is easy to make a mistake when you're cutting, which could result in wasted material. Additionally, you could hurt yourself when you're cutting, too. You can keep yourself safe and injury-free, be sure the job is done right, and avoid having to buy a saw by just buying your steel posts already cut.

Project Delays

It takes time to have to cut your own posts. If they arrive at your project site ready to be used — which should be the case if they are pre-cut to your specifications — then this is one effective way that you can reduce delays.

Hiring Someone to Transport Posts

If you have a regular truck or trailer, then you should be able to transport your own posts if they have already been cut to the size that you need. If you have to purchase large posts that haven't been cut yet, though, they might be too long for you to move around with your own equipment.