How to Get the Most of Your Floor-Standing Air Conditioner

The workplace needs to be conducive for all your employees to be productive. A conducive working space begins with simple things like air conditioning and odour control. Ideally, you need to manage the flow of air in the office to keep the temperature at a suitable level for everyone. Heat up the air when temperature goes down, and cool it down when it's hot so that everyone feels comfortable and productive. Floor standing air conditioners are a reliable way of doing this. They are good for office spaces because you can literally shift them to different points when need be during meetings, group work and other activities. The following tips will help you make the most of your floor-standing air conditioners:

Go for Multi-functional Models

A common mistake people make is going for floor-standing units that can only perform one function. This renders the unit useless during some seasons. When buying, choose multi-functional units that with a heater function for the cold season and a dehumidifier element for the hot season. The dehumidifier function draws large volumes of moisture from warm air, lowering the temperature to make the room cooler. Multi-function units are an excellent investment all year round. 

Keep the Door Closed

Open doors and large windows let in excess air. Your floor-standing commercial air conditioner has to work harder to keep your office space at the desired temperatures. This hastens the wear and tear of the filters, dehumidifiers, and other parts. Floor standing air conditioners perform well when you limit the flow of excess air by keeping the office space enclosed. You can allow limited air floor by opening windows partially or letting in air through designated vents close to the ceiling. 

Regulate Excess Heat

Some floor-standing units have to work hard because of the excess sources of heat in the room. Most people don't pay attention to the small things that generate around them. For instance, light bulbs generate small amounts of heat in the air without anyone noticing. Personal computers also give up heat from their vents to keep them running efficiently. Offices with many bulbs and computers are likely to have lots of excess heat in the air. You need to turn them off to reduce the amount of work that your floor-standing unit has to do. 

The Unit Should Have a Quality Exhaust Hose

Your floor-standing units also have to vent or it to operate efficiently. The unit should have an exhaust hose that stays straight at all times without extra support. Additionally, make sure that the exhaust hose falls between four to six feet in length for optimal efficiency.