3 Ways to Upgrade Wire Fencing for Your Landscape

Wire fencing is something that many homeowners use, especially in rural areas. It helps keep family pets safe and keep stray animals and predatory animals away. The problem with most wire fencing is that it doesn't add to curb appeal. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your wire fencing, while still keeping the security the fence provides, here are a few methods to consider.

Frame In Panels

One way that you can upgrade the wire fencing is to use timber planks. You can create panels with the planks and easily frame in each panel. This will give you a well constructed look as well as some stability you otherwise would not have. If you want to do more than simply have stability along the sides of the wire fence panels, you can add timber planks in a cross bar or diagonal bar across the middle of each frame. This will give you the stability in the middle of the each panel as well as on the outer edges. You can stain the planks and water seal them to protect against rain and rain related conditions.

Timber Posts and Caps

You may like the durability and stability your wire fence already has. This can be especially true if you are dealing with a heavy metal wire fencing rather than a simple mesh design. To upgrade the look of the wire fencing, consider using timber posts and caps. The posts can be placed at the intervals of your choosing, but specifically on each corner of the fence line. Once the timber posts are in place, secure the fencing to the posts. You can then add simple copper solar powered caps to the post tops to give a finished and lighted look.

Timber Gate

Gates are an option that many wire fencing designs do not have. In fact, most homeowners tend to fence in only a portion of the landscape with the entry and exit point being the side or back door of a home. If you want to add more functionality to the wire fencing, consider adding a timber gate. These gates can work well with designs that incorporate timber posts. With the right hardware you can also give a very finished and polished look to the gate as well as an added security with a latch and lock system.

These three methods allow you to keep the security of the wire fencing, stay within budget, and upgrade the look for curb appeal. If you are ready to use any of these three methods, contact your local home improvement store. They can help with options and with ordering or pricing questions. They may also offer delivery.