Common Problems When Using Sheet Metal Brakes (And Possible Solutions)

Sheet metal is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry. You can use it for a variety of purposes including air conditioning installation, guttering, insulation or wall lining in chimneys, etc. When using this material, you will certainly need a sheet metal brake, which is used for bending the sheet into various angles that match the installation requirements at particular points in the building. If this tool has a problem and fails to deliver the results that you desire, then it will certainly compromise the quality of the work you are doing. Here are some problems you might encounter with a sheet metal brake:

The Angles are Incorrect

When working with a sheet metal brake, there is a visible gauge on the tool used for showing the angular inclination of whatever you are working on. In this way, your workers can accurately determine the right areas to bend and the extent of those bends as shown by the gauge. An inaccurate gauge, therefore, means that you will be coming up with the wrong angles and the bent fitting will not suit the particular location that you are installing it. Thankfully, this problem is very easy to resolve. Get a new gauge and switch and try working slowly on the pieces. Too much speed can also lead to inaccurate readings as the gauge lacks adequate time to settle in on the measurements of the angle.

Improper Levelling

Improper levelling is another problem you might encounter when using sheet metal brakes. Levelling affects the accuracy of the angles measured because the table or the clamp will not be properly aligned. If the sheet metal brake has levelling problems, check the set screws and adjust them so that they are even again. To add on that, inspect the shims that hold the machine's wedge in place and replace it with a new one in case it is worn out.

Difficulty with the Bending Action

The essence of using a sheet metal brake is to reduce the amount of effort used in bending the sheets. Particularly, large sheets of metal aren't easy to bend by hand, but the sheet metal brake should make it easy and reduce the amount of effort needed significantly. If you have difficulty bending the sheet, try sizing down to small pieces. You can also opt for a larger brake if you must work with big pieces.